About Us

The HomeCinemaClub.org website was created by people who know everything about electronics, movies, and coziness. Thanks to our team of experts (each consisting of professionals in their own sphere), you’ll save your time on online shopping whatever you’re looking for: a TV, an audio system, or anything else needed for organizing a perfect home cinema zone.

What we do here

Our main goal is to save your time on searching for a decent product online. We’ve done all the work for you: did a topic research, determined the most important features to look for, made a compilation of the most noteworthy and reliable products, as well as tested and reviewed each of them in detail.

What the process consists of

Topic research: we carefully study each topic, making sure we pay enough attention to each and every feature that a decent product should possess.

Scouring the market: we look for the most reliable, functional, and high-quality models that the market has to offer. Our goal is to eliminate models with low ratings and negative feedback as well as to include those that are new to the market, but have already managed to earn good reputation.

Testing the products: our expert team needs to make sure all the chosen products were chosen for a reason. We make a product report for each unit, highlighting its pros and cons we managed to reveal.

Writing a review: at this stage, our authors make sure to present all the obtained information in a descriptive, easy-to-read way. Each product report turns into an all-encompassing review while all the initial topic research is described in a form of a handy buying guide at the end of the article.

Our team

Kris Burkett



Kris has always been interested in the world of IT and electronics. Moreover, he is a mere cinephile, so this site is a logical combination of his two main passions in life.

Lena Marley


Research Writer

Lena is a professional journalist who regularly writes for a number of well-known newspapers and magazines. In her free time she loves baking and even started a YouTube channel where she shares her own recipes.

Kenneth Stahlman


Expert Consultant

Kenneth is an electronics engineer who helps us with selecting and testing the best models on the market. Kenneth is keen on rap music, sport cars, and grilling.

Are we sponsored?

We do not have any contracts with electronics brands.

We are participants of an advertising affiliate program. It means we get commissions in case something is sold with the help of our reviews. However, the fees are not differentiated between brands and models, so rest assured our reviews are totally unbiased.

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We’re always open for your questions, comments, and suggestions. Send us an email to [email protected], and our editorial team will be happy to help.